Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Details-

Hi everyone, wow. I am loving the feedback I am getting from you guys. Thanks so much, it feels great to know this will possibly be a success. Just to fill you in on our plans we are going to be selecting 12 models.
And I will not be the only judge, I have 3 other judges helping me out, although I will not revile who they are until the model list is published. You have until July 20th 2011 (Thursday), to fill in an application. Any day after that will not be accepted. We are also considering selling a spoiler design, meaning the design will most likely not be seen on runways or on sale again. Take this poll to help us decide, thanks!


  1. Where do I apply to be a model?

  2. @ilv123, right below, its fairly simple..

  3. Oooh, yeah, definitely make a sellable (is that word-- it is now!) design!


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